We are proud to declare that we have 579 Alumni, the guardians of heritage of our institute and this is why we believe in turning our alumni into long-term life partners.



Alumni in Focus

Details of Alumni & Comments about SZABIST as:

Name: Wasiullah Shaikh
Designation: Appraising Officer
Company: Pakistan Customs

"It was a life changing experience while being at SZABIST. Presentations, Seminars, Interactive discussions and field surveys are hallmark of this institution. Our careers became directed and the personalities got polished.

Name: Mike A. Cedric
Designation: Application Developer, Block Chain

I graduated from SZABIST with my Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2017, before joining the University I’d like to think I was very raw and not up to the mark I had set for myself, soon as I joined, I got engaged with teachers’ who saw the potential in me and helped me grow personally, I was given opportunities to express myself in both academics and extra- curricular activities and along the way learned both life and professional lessons that are still helping me in my job life. I had an amazing support system in the form of some great teachers and some good friends that made my stay at the university worthwhile. By the end of my degree I was entirely a different man from what I was 4 years back and for that I am thankful to the University and my teachers.

Name: Pir Asjad
Designation: Senior Civil Engineer
Company: Axianta International, Dubai - UAE

I joined SZABIST for MBA to enhance my Management skills along with the knowledge of International Business Systems as I wanted to support my core competencies of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Construction. Due to its caliber of education I have been working on various iconic projects in Dubai with UAE's top renowned companies. I always had a positive response from my Teachers enabling me to build up my confidence to compete in the Professional World. I am glad that I made a right choice of being a part of this esteem institute and all I want to say is, Thank You SZABIST !

Name: Sehrish Dogar
Designation: Channel Development Manager
Company: GlaxoSmithKline, Pakistan

When I joined SZABIST for my MBA, I was very sure I wanted to become financially independent. I wanted a part time job alongside my studies. Winging my way through MBA, semester after semester along with my day job wasn’t easy but it was only possible because SZABIST is very supportive of the students and their aspirations. I have learnt so many of life skills from SZABIST that has shaped up my personality. The wide range of extracurricular societies and clubs that SZABIST offers, give students the opportunity to truly further their skills beyond academics. It teaches you how to plan, budget, launch and most importantly how to manage people and conflicts. On the face of it, it’s just a society or a club that keeps you busy outside academics, but reality is it teaches you all the skills that will aid you in excelling in the ‘real world’.

Name: Shehroz Jiskani
Designation: Safety Pilot
Company: General Aviation Company, Karachi. Visiting Faculty, PAF KIET University for Aviation & General Management Program. [Associate Member Royal Aeronautical Society]

Experience at SZABIST for me was exceptional and wholesome. My three years’ journey in earning MBA has not only helped me in advancing my educational credentials and enlarging my knowledge but also has nurtured me in capacity-building and personal growth in many walks of life. A course named Personal Management has like transformed me in a completely newer version of myself; thanks to the course instructor and the course design that delivered it effectively. SZABIST has helped me in learning and polishing my interpersonal skills and has groomed my personality. From an introvert to an extrovert; from a passive thinker to a positive active thinker I started myself getting into multi-tasking, engaging in diversified tasks, learning time management and the ability to synergize in teams. I am currently working as a SAFETY PILOT for a General Aviation company at Karachi; in together adjunct faculty member at PAF-KIET University for aviation and general management program. Previously employed with DHL Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd as front-line executive.

Name: Saad Ahmed Shaikh
Designation: Team Lead Digital Media Executive
Company: String Media

"Choosing BBA from SZABIST turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I always wanted to be a successful marketer, never knew how to achieve my dream of becoming one. But SZABIST gave me the exposure in my personal & professional career enrichment, and the diversity of learning broaden my marketing & advertising skills at an extensive level to meet the challenges to create wonders in the world of advertising. Exposure at SZABIST has intensified my knowledge at a broader level, ranging from creative thinking to interpersonal skills. Today, I can proudly say that SZABIST is the reason behind my success in ever-changing dynamics of marketing. To be precise, I can never forget the moments I had, the knowledge I got, the jokes I cracked, the time I spent & the growth I achieved. Thank you, SZABIST. "

Name: Suneel kumar
Designation: Associate Relationship Manager
Company: Bank Alfalah Area office Autobhan Hyderabad

"SZABIST has significantly contributed to my professional development. Studying at SZABIST was more challenging than I expected, therefore more rewarding as well in my development. The standard that SZABIST holds for its quality faculty, course design and continuous improvement is truly commendable".